Belmont Bowling Club


New Surrey Bowls League (Mens)

The NSBL "was formed primarily to provide more competitive and attractive inter-club matches than were then available in existing bowls leagues and bowling associations in South West London and the North and East Surrey areas". Our delegate to the League is Jim Ritchie.

It currently (2014) holds four competitions:
  • Fours League played on a weekend afternoon, each match comprising 3 rinks
  • Triples League played on weekday afternoons, each match comprising 3 triples
  • Top Ten knock-out competition comprising one each Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours playing simultaneously on the same green
  • Ron Willson Triples knock-out competition comprising one rink home / one rink away triples, both Triples playing simultaneously.
The NSBL Consititution, General Rules and Rules for each of the four competitions can be found here (this opens in a new tab).

This year (2014) Belmont plays in only three competitions: Fours, Top Ten and Ron Willson.

Click here for a pdf document of the winners of the NSBL leagues and competitions since its inception in 1995 up to last year (2013)

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