Belmont Bowling Club


Social Life of the Club

A big part of our life at Belmont Bowling Club is the social aspect of membership. During the year we hold many official events, together with many un-official get-togethers.

The bowling season runs from usually April/May to September, and we start the season with some Open Days. These days are designed to encourage new people to come and meet us, try out bowling and join us.

The season aways ends with our Finals Weekend. This weekend is for our internal club competitions' finals and to recongnise our successes and acheivments of the year.

During the year we have barbeques, darts evenings and other events as they are organised.

We host the Streatham Women's Institute on the last Thursday evening each month.

A few years ago we ran a 24 hour "bowlathon" and rasied money for a charity. Congratulations to those members of the club who took part and help us bowl for a whole day and night.

We have a fully equiped club house with changing rooms, kitchen, seating and a fully stocked bar area.

 Our Bar

Our bar area with our President helping out

Which reminds me:
Two men were playing a game of bowls and a funeral cortege passes by the green. One of the bowlers took his hat off to it, bowed and muttered a few words under his breath. The other player looked at him and said, "That was a nice gesture" … "Well Jack, she always was a very good wife to me and mother to the kids!"

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